Innovation in Industrialisation
Online Innovation in Industrialisation
16 Oct 2023
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Brief Description
South Africa and other African countries are facing rapid de-industrialisation at a time of unprecedented technological developments, with the emergence and convergence of new technologies such as ICTs, nanotechnology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is also taking place at a time when Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows into Africa are on the rise. To attain SDG9—Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure - African countries will need to devise innovative ways to stem dis-industrialisation and effectively engage in ways of enhancing manufacturing.
The short course in Innovation in Industrialisation presents you with lessons (particularly from East Asia) on how best to spur industrial development through innovation. The course covers topics on concepts of industrial change, innovation in industrialisation, sustainability considerations in industrialisation, lessons from Asia: Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan and the way forward for industrialisation in South Africa (Africa).
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be:
  • Equipped with an adequate understanding of what industrialisation is? Why it matters for South Africa (Africa) and techno-economic sources of current dis-industrialisation waves.
  • Equipped with skills to design innovative strategies for the industries, taking into account broader national and global drivers of industrial change in the 21st Century.
Course Content
Concepts of Industrial Change
  • What is industrialisation? How does it take place? How do we measure it?
  • Industrialisation in history
Innovation in industrialisation
  • Typologies of innovation in industrial development
  • Innovation strategies for industrial development
Sustainability considerations in industrialisation
  • Economic and ecological considerations
  • Social inclusion and responsibilities
Lessons from Asia: Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Cases in energy, electronics and other sectors
Way forward for industrialization in South Africa(Africa)
  • Policy instruments and strategies
  • Institutional arrangements
Entry Requirements

The prospective delegates should at least have a three-year qualification and/or work experience

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for young managers and executives from industry, officials from departments of trade and industry, public enterprises/State Owned Enterprises and funding agencies such as the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).
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