Internet-based investigations (OSINT)
Internet-based Investigations (OSINT) (Virtual)
20 Jun 2023
R 5830.00

Brief Description
Open Source Intelligence unlocks the world of the internet to the new breed of Digital Investigator. A varied skill set that is utilised to acquire information around people, places, events and companies is presented in a hands on form. Develop your abilities to find targets online footprint, drill into additional avenues of information stored on the Deep Web. You will learn to map data and perform basic analysis of relationships. Delegates will achieve a detailed hands on experience and take away over 150 online tools for investigative use. 
The world of Social Media reveals a treasure trove of information to the savvy investigator if he knows where and how to look. Our training approach is hands-on and delegates will be walked through free online tools and hidden portals to locate the information required to augment their investigations. Actual case studies will be presented during training to reinforce the abilities, and investigative methodology. This course is ideally suited to those who already have an investigative background and wish to extend their abilities in the online environment.
Learning Outcomes
The purpose of this course is to ensure that delegates are able to research and collect open source intelligence. Their abilities will extend to visualisation of data, reporting and include social media strands. 
Course Content

1. Introduction

2. Investigative Methodologies

3. Creating Covert Profiles

4. VPN  & Virtualisation 

5. Boolean Searches
6. Social Media
7. Meta Data & Deepweb
8. Telephone numbers, email addresses and domains
9. Active Incident Monitoring
10. Due Diligence
11. Reporting tools
12. Practical application (Capture the flag exercise)
Entry Requirements
Good computer literacy and Matric (Gr12)
Delegates will need their own laptop during the course with minimum 4Gb Ram and wifi ability

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Financial Management and Taxation
Who Should attend:
Private and Internal investigators, Law Enforcement, Journalists, Auditors and Attorneys,  Fraud investigators.
The benefit for delegates: Master the collection and interpretation of Open Source Intelligence through a variety of online sources while practicing sound investigative practice.
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