Introduction to Drones for Sustainable Mining (Blended)
Introduction to Drones for Sustainable Mining
03 Oct 2022
R 13000.00

Brief Description
Mining companies are confronted by major challenges, such as declining ore grades, volatility in commodity prices, security risks and safety concerns. Cutting-edge solutions are needed for sustainable operational excellence and technological advances and innovations. Securing our future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) through technology; increasing economic pressures in the Southern African mining industry means that mine operators are exploring and using technological advanced means to extract minerals more efficiently, cost effectively and safely meeting shareholder expectations.   

The Introduction to Drones for Sustainable Mining Course is an industry-specific short course, focused on 
the application of drones in the mining industry covering aspects of surveying, photographic methodologies, drilling & blasting, draglines and various downstream activities in the mining value chain. 

The practical experience brought by DSL combined with the University of Pretoria’s academic excellence in these sectors, will provide delegates with a holistic course from theory through to in-field practice towards increased productivity and operational excellence.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
Apply drones in the mining industry 
Do geotechnical modelling, 
Provide drilling and blasting assistance and 
Do performance analysis, 
Perform equipment inspection, 
Do load and haul monitoring and optimisation, 
Do Dragline monitoring and planning,
Identify high-risk areas, 
Monitor tailings dams and settling ponds, etc.
Course Content
This course covers the following aspects:
a) Understanding the basics of Land Survey & Photogrammetry Accuracy Principles (Ground Control)
b) Identifying and selecting the most appropriate drone & sensor for aerial surveying
c) Planning Nadir & Oblique flights
d) Understanding basic image processing software to generate & visualise aerial survey outputs (orthomosiacs, DSM, 3D models & contours)
e) Basic Hardware Maintenance & Care procedures
f) Basic mining terminology and understanding
Entry Requirements
Grade 12/ Matric 
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Built Environment and Construction
Who Should attend:
Delegates who are interested in Drones for Sustainable Mining and those who wish to obtain a Remote Pilot’s License (RPL) option, will be issued SACAA RPL license by Drone Safety & Legal (DSL).
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