Introduction to Drones in Precision Agriculture
Introduction to Drones in Precision Agriculture
19 Sep 2022
R 13000.00

Brief Description
Securing our future through technology; increasing economic pressures on South Africa’s agricultural industry means that people are looking for a way to maximize production, cut costs and improve job security. Rather than being afraid of the changes that technology brings, we need to use it as an extension of our current skill-set; merging it with existing abilities and bringing in new visions for our future. 

Bridging the divide between technology and livelihoods is critical. We need to make technology useful, and we need to do it in a way that secures both our jobs and our collective future. As resource scarcity and demand begin to create pressure points in some of South Africa’s biggest economic sectors, the use of technology becomes more and more critical. 

The Introduction to Drones in Precision Agriculture Course is an industry-specific short course, focused on the application of drone technology in precision agriculture.  Practical on-the-ground training of DSL will be combined with theoretical knowledge of the University of Pretoria to apply drones and image processing to produce information that enhances profitability and sustainability in agriculture. Application of multi-spectral sensors and various processing techniques to study trends in plant health and field conditions over large areas, and enable high quality data-driven precision agriculture that improves profitability. Using drones for flowering and yield estimations as well as hail or frost damage assessments will be explored. Many applications are also relevant to environmental studies, such as the identification of invasive plant species and monitoring vegetation restoration efforts. 

The practical experience brought by DSL, combined with the University of Pretoria’s academic excellence in these sectors, will provide delegates with a holistic course from theory through to practice. 
Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
Have an understanding of precision agriculture
Be able to apply imagery to determine plant health (phenotyping)
Be able to apply the use of drones in advanced crop management and decision-making
Be able to apply the use of drones for early detection and management of pests and diseases 
Be able to use ground truthing to validate and improve information collected by drones
Have received exposure to applications in environmental management beyond agriculture
Course Content
This course covers the following aspects:
a. The use of drones in a precision agriculture environment: Costs vs. Benefits
b. Flight & sensor planning for agricultural mapping
Intro to multi-spectral flight data
c. Designing a drone workflow for use in precision agriculture
Pre- & post-harvest acquisition
d. Using NDVI & RGB data to make basic data analysis & decisions
e. Basic hardware maintenance & care procedures
Entry Requirements
Grade 12/ Matric 
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Built Environment and Construction
Who Should attend:
Delegates who are interested in Drones in Precision Agriculture or who with to obtain a Remote Pilot’s License (RPL) option, will be issued SACAA RPL license by Drone Safety & Legal (DSL).
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