Introduction to Gaming Audio
Brief Description
The Introduction to Gaming Audio short course provides you with a brief a history to gaming audio and equips you with the tools to design, compose and implement your own gaming audio in a practical manner. During the course, a sample game is made available with the end task to successfully implement a tailored and personalised audio track for gameplay.
The course specifically looks into topics of recording, editing, mastering (or audio sequencing), and implementation of audio material in a game world. Additionally, some practical skills will be learnt in terms of working with sound in the Unity 3D game engine, Logic Pro 9 and Audacity digital audio workstations.
Learning Outcomes
The participants will gain an understanding of what interactive audio/music is. Functional, practical learning techniques will be used to teach the participant how to create and implement interactive audio in a virtual environment. The intention here is that each participant will have a better understanding of what game audio is and how it is made. This is further supported by vocational training through exposure to basic audio recording, manipulation and production techniques.
Course Content
The following outline works with the Unity 3D game engine, Logic Pro 9 and Audacity, which forms part of the core practical skills and learning sections in Day 1 below.
Days 2 & 3 will involve further practical work, where participants will record, edit and finally implement audio in a game environment.
Day 1: History & Theory. Working With Sound in Games Part 1.
Day 2: Working With Sound in Games Parts 2 & 3.
Day 3: Implementing Game Audio.Some homework tasks will be given, including working with some open-source freely available software and reading notes.
Entry Requirements
The following requirements are recommended:
  • Some composition skills/experience writing music or designing sound would be advantageous but not necessary.
  • Some musical loops and segments will be made available should students not have these skills.
  • Computer skills with respect to file management, workflow and general knowledge is a prerequisite. The course will be run on the MAC OS operating system and iMac computers.
  • Some experience with using Mac computers would be advantageous.
  • Some experience or inherent passion for the computer game media genre is advisable.
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Sport, Tourism, Arts and Culture
Who Should attend:
The course is open to anyone, with the recommended admission requirements.
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