Introduction to Seed Biology
Online Introduction to Seed Biology
01 Jun 2023
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Brief Description
This course is an Introductory course on Seed Biology and concepts needed to understand Seed Biology and Terminology referred to in the workplace.
Seed companies have found it increasingly difficult to fill lab and technical positions due to candidates not being able to understand the basic biology concepts. This course will help candidates prepare for the workplace by easing them into concepts that they are not familiar with.
Learning Outcomes
Understanding and explaining the following:
  • What is Seed Laboratories main function?
  • What is ISTA?
  • What are ISTA’s functions?
  • What is a cell? 
  • What is the main difference between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
  • Define the term “organelle”  
  • What is the distinguishing feature(s) of a plant cell? 
  • Give the names and functions of the different organelles.
  • What are a Eukaryotes?
  • What are a Prokaryotes?
  • What are an Organelles?
  • Define the terms physiology, morphology, and biochemistry. 
  • What is a Morphology?
  • What is a Physiology?
  • Explain how plants are named.
  • Be able to write a scientific name of a plant in the correct manner. 
  • Understand what each part of a scientific name refers too.
  • Understand the following
    • Taxonomy
    • Species
    • Binomial
    • Variety
    • Cultivar
    • Leaves
    • Stems
    • Roots
    • Endosperm
    • Sexual reproduction
    • Leaching
    • Scarification
    • Stratification
    • Dormancy
    • Orthodox
    • Recalcitrant
    • Define genetics.
  • Define and describe the different parts (morphologically) of a plant, a flower and a seed.
  • Explain where seeds originate from.
  • Define pollination.
  • Explain why pollination is important.
  • The following terminology is important:
    • What is an Anther
    • What is Pollen
    • What is a Stigma
  • Define and describe germination.
  • Explain the conditions needed for a seed to germinate.
  • Explain dormancy and how it influences seed germination.
  • Explain why genetics is important in plant breeding and seed production.
  • Genotype
  • Phenotype
Course Content
The following content will be covered:
1. Seed testing and ISTA a brief history
2. A cell and its organelles
3. Physiology, morphology and biochemistry
4. Taxonomy and the classification of plants
5. Cultivars and varieties
6. Morphology of a seed, plant and flower
7. Pollination
8. Morphology of a seed
9. Germination & seed dormancy
10. Moisture content and storage temperature
11. Genetics
12. Factors that affect seed quality & vigour
13. Seed enhancement
Entry Requirements
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Agriculture and Food Security
Who Should attend:
Individuals in lab and technical positions in the seed industry.
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