Investigation of Financial Crime
Brief Description
The short course in the Investigation of Financial Crime provides you with practical-orientated training to deal with a number of investigation methodologies, techniques and tools that lead to more effective investigations and risk management strategies in your organisation. Using a case-study approach, the course provides you with an opportunity to up skill and refresh your knowledge of the worldwide impact of financial crime and its unlawful activation for personal gain and/or benefit. During the course, you will gain invaluable insights to the manifestation of fraud activities, insider trading, market manipulation, financial scams, tax evasion, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, forgery and counterfeiting.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to
  • properly plan an investigation
  • work in investigative teams
  • understand threats to a successful investigation
  • gather evidence in a forensically sound manner to ensure its admissibility in subsequent proceedings
  • distinguish between the available tools and when to use which tool
  • trace hidden assets through the financial or other records
  • use technology in the investigation process
  • understand who can have access to the product of the investigation
  • understand work-product and other privileges which may protect the product of the investigation, and
  • understand what to do when your entity is being investigated.
This credit-bearing course* provides you with an entry point to formal degree programmes exclusively presented by the University of Pretoria with credits afforded towards the specified degree modules FRA703 (20 credits) and or FRM804 (15 credits).
Course Content
  • Investigative methodologies.
  • Investigative tools, including non-conventional techniques used in the private and law enforcement sectors.
  • The tracing of undeclared/hidden assets.
  • Financial ratio-analysis.
  • Investigating uncompetitive behaviour.
  • Protecting the product of the investigation.
Entry Requirements

The minimum requirement is a grade 12. Prospective delegates who wish to complete the course on a credit-bearing basis, in order to enrol for the UP Postgraduate degree, must at least have a relevant Bachelor’s degree.

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Financial Management and Taxation
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This course is beneficial for law enforcement officials, line managers in the public and private sector, internal auditors, financial managers, risk managers and fraud examiners.
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