Leadership Programme in Urban Transformation
Brief Description
The Leadership Programme in Urban Transformation provides you with the necessary values, knowledge and skills to enable you to serve as an incarnational and transformational spiritual leader in your daily encounters of current urban challenges. The programme will enable you to read, reimagine and reconstruct your specific urban community in order to connect with the myriad of people who inhabit the space. Drawing from stories of hope from across the world, the programme provides you with an opportunity to implement a better approach in your faith-based organisation, community outreach project or urban congregation to make your community more socially inclusive
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to understand and practice leadership in urban transformation, focusing on urban ministry and community development
Course Content
  • Construct and articulate local urban theology, including a critical reflection on leadership for urban transformation, and the ability to engage with contextual and urban theologies, and leadership theories.
  • Engage in critical readings of the city in terms of (i) systems and powers shaping it, (ii) the multiplicity of socio-cultural narratives and the city's diversity, as well as (iii) different church, faith and institutional response to urban challenges.
  • Develop a hopeful imagination for urban alternatives, rooted in a concrete spirituality, and in conversation with contextual theologies, global and local social movements, the global urban church, and their own local contexts, i.e. communities, partners and organisations.
  • Develop an understanding of transformational urban development i.e. visions, languages, models, practices and methods as it relates to (i) personal and institutional transformation, (ii) community transformation, and (iii) healing, reconciliation and social cohesion.
  • Integrate learning and translate it into a viable, smart and sustainable urban community/ministry praxis, understanding all the key components of a transformational urban praxis, project planning and project execution
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should be working in faith-based organisations, community organisations, or urban churches (community, non-profit and church leaders), or generally committed to urban transformation that is socially inclusive; and who have matriculated and have a two or three year diploma or degree may enrol for this course.
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Social and Religious Studies
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for pastors and other leaders who have matriculated and have at least a two or three year diploma or a degree in Theology.
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