Master Class in Building a Winning Culture in Government
Brief Description
The Programme in Master Class in Building a Winning Culture in Government is designed to assist the leaders in the SOEs (State owned enterprises) and public sector to lead in a manner that inspires trust, unleashes talent, aligns systems and clarifies purpose.

From a leadership perspective, this short course will guide leaders to lead with a whole person paradigm, from the management of tasks perspectives it gives leaders the tools to manage the tasks, not the people.

This course aims to help leaders create and establish a winning culture within their organisations.

The winning culture is an all-encompassing value proposition – this mindset of creating a winning culture will impact the way leaders think and act towards the improvement in service delivery, their leadership style and ultimately lead to significant improvement in performance.

The course focus on both character and competence. This course unlike others brings the idea of masterclasses to reality.
Bringing together industry experts to share best practices in all areas of leadership and management.

Content providers for this course come from global thought leaders in addition to local industry subject matter experts.

Delegates with a B degree will get articulation to the Masters Programme in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Pretoria.
Learning Outcomes
After successful completion of the course, delegates will have:
  • Obtain an in-depth academic understanding around key concepts in public policy analysis and application thereof
  • Explore human resource management within the public management context
  • Understand how HRM can achieve strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Understand how the theory around problem solving can be translated into very practical insights and lessons
  • Practical application and enhanced self-awareness – “how do I like to solve problems and make decisions” – using the HBDI – understanding personal preferences and the impact t has on others
  • Help the team understand the organisations mission, vision and strategy
  • Focus the team on understanding and meeting customer needs
  • A greater understanding on how the team can impact the organisations financial success
  • Understand and ability to apply the six rights as well as the 4 disciplines of execution in the workplace
  • Practical / hands on activities to practice various collaboration methods
  • Enhanced self-awareness on the 7 habits of highly effective leaders
  • Practical application of each habit through exercises, reflection and activities
  • Discern the important from less important
  • Creating a Q2 culture and Q2 roles and goals
  • Be able to use apply productivity accelerators to the workplace
  • Practice positive feedback and instructive feedback
  • Understand and practice three key coaching skills – listening; questioning and acknowledging
  • Practice the basics of coaching by using the coaching framework for individuals and teams
  • Understand how bias significantly impacts behaviour
  • Understand how to move teams into high performance zones
  • To become a leader who earns the loyalty of customers and team members consistently
  • Improve the understanding and develop competency for service delivery on national, provincial and local levels
  • Obtain an understanding on outcomes based service delivery
  • Have a greater appreciation and application of the critical five elements of business
  • Refresh universal financial language
  • Practical application to government metrics and department-relevant financials
  • Understand how to navigate an annual report and make meaning from metrics and its impact on the business
Course Content
The course covers the following:
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • HBDI Workshop
  • Public Policy Theory
  • HR and Labour Relations
  • Building A Winning Culture and Developing an Effective Vision & Strategy
  • Execute with Excellence
  • The Neuroscience of Personal Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Unleashing Team Potential for Growth
  • Customer Loyalty & Service Delivery
  • Advance Public Finance
  • Business Acumen
Entry Requirements
Preferable 3 year Tertiary qualification 
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
  • Managers
  • Senior managers
  • Executive managers
  • Municipal managers
  • Deputy Directors
  • Directors
  • Chief Directors
  • CEOs of SOEs.
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