Mastering ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems
Brief Description
The course provides a detailed analysis and a discussion of the application of the ISO 30401 Knowledge management systems standard (ISO 30401 KMS).  The standard can be used to prepare organisations for ISO 30401 KMS certification or it can be used to align knowledge management capabilities to the requirements of the standard. In the latter case, the ISO 30401 KMS is used as a management system tool or guideline that will ensure that knowledge management capabilities is managed according to best global practices and will add value to organisations. 
The course is based on the content included in the ISO 30401 KMS but it is discussed and analysed from the perspective of actual use cases in organisations. This implies that delegates will use the ISO 30401 KMS to analyse knowledge management capabilities and develop an understanding of the factors that contributed to the successful implementation of knowledge management capabilities.
Delegates will be provided with ample opportunity to discuss challenges that they experience i.r.o the implementation of Knowledge management in their respective organisations and understand the manner in which the ISO 30401 can support them. The course will also indicate to delegates what they factors would be that an auditor would consider when certifying a knowledge management capability.   
Delegates can also attend the modules separately as follows:
Module 1 - Basic (1 day)
Module 2 - Intermediate (2 days)
Module 3 - Advanced (3 days)
Learning Outcomes
The course is presented from the perspective of a Knowledge manager that needs to: 
1. Prepare the organisation for ISO 30401 certification
2. Reposition the knowledge management capability to be aligned to ISO 30401 KMS
3. Market leadership - Positions organisations in the market as an ISO 30401 KM market leader and KM Center of Excellence
4. Excellence - Knowledge management is practiced according to an international best practice in the Form of the ISO 30401
5. Competitive advantage - ISO 30401 KMS certified and aligned organisations hold a leading position above other organisations which cannot indicate certification or alignment   
6. Risk management - Indicates that knowledge is viewed as a asset and resource and the loss thereof should be mitigated through ISO 30401 compliance
7. Credibility - Increases credibility with internal clients that we are managing/re using our (and their) knowledge assets effectively hence delivering higher quality services more efficiently
8. Business value - Enables KM program to deliver greater business value through cost saving, time savings, and quality improvement
Course Content
The programme will cover the following topics:
Day 1:
1 ISO standards as a management system
2 The process of creating ISO 30401 KMS   
3 The basic components of ISO 30401 KMS?
4 The concept of Knowledge management (KM)
5 The relevancy of ISO 30401 KMS for South African organisations
Day 2:
1 The purpose of ISO 30401 2 The components of ISO 30401 KMS 3 The composition and intent of Clauses 4 to 10 4 Mapping ISO 30401 KMS to a knowledge management strategy 5 Knowledge management frameworks and ISO 30401 KMS
Day 3:
1 The imlementation of ISO 30401
2 Critical success factors for certification or alignment to ISO 30401 KMS 3 Developing a business case for ISO 30401 KMS 4 The certification process 5 The alignment process
Entry Requirements
Grade 12 and experience in knowledge management systems.
There is no entry requirements for the Basic module but the entry requirements for the Intermediate  is the Basic Module and for the Advanced modules is the Basic - and Intermediate Modules. 

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Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Information and Communication Technology
Who Should attend:
Prospective delegates from companies who want to be assisted in becoming ISO certified thus improving their knowledge management capabilities.
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Online
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