Mine Closure and Land Rehabilitation
Mine Closure and Land Rehabilitation
07 Jun 2024
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Brief Description
Why a Mine Closure and Rehabilitation programme?
The South African Mining industry has a legacy of challenges pertaining to mine closure and its related residual impacts. Critical aspects relevant to mine closure including inadequate financial provision, post-closure pollution risks, the socio-economic impact, lack of proper knowledge and planning, lack of accountability and the lack of an integrated approach in dealing with mine closure forces the Mining Industry to re-look their approach to this complex issue. Mine closure and rehabilitation in all its facets need to be addressed in a structured integrated approach so as to ensure a successful mine closure implementation process.
The programme in Mine Closure and Rehabilitation will add value in dealing with this very important aspect in the mining industry This course will provide an overview of the requirements for integrated mine closure planning, looking at legal requirements, general opportunities and threats and practical examples. The course aims to provide up to date information on legislative requirements and government expectation with regards to mine closure. A structures approach to enable applicants to timeously plan for closure of mining operations preventing a misunderstanding of the processes to be followed when applying for closure. Integrated into the theme of closure planning is the ever important land and soil management component which supports effective closure practices.
Learning Outcomes
The candidates will acquire relevant and practical knowledge on mine closure planning which will include important legislative requirements, general challenges & opportunities, lessons learnt from actual mine closure projects and fundamental and applied principles. Candidates will acquire step by step insight on how to approach mine closure projects from a technical and applied perspective.
Candidates will learn from technical and field experts with practical experience i.e. regulatory engagement, soil & landform planning, social planning & integration, recommended natural resource management pre- and post-land rehabilitation and post rehabilitation land use management systems etc.
Course Content
THEME 1: Introduction (course overview)
THEME 2: Legislation and frame works (overview)
THEME 3: Closure planning
THEME 4: Required documents
THEME 5: Baseline environment
THEME 6: Closure risks
THEME 7: Regional planning
THEME 8: Land forming (land profiling and design)
THEME 9: Operational mitigation measures
THEME 10: Land preparation and soil management (pre-mining)
THEME 11: Land Preparation and soil management (post-mining)
THEME 12: Landcover / surface stabilisation: Economical value
THEME 13: Closure success criteria & KPIs
THEME 14: Rehabilitation monitoring
THEME 15: Maintenance and land management systems
THEME 16: Financial provisioning
THEME 17: Social planning
THEME 18: Closure planning challenges
THEME 19: Addressing problem areas
Entry Requirements
Academic qualification and applicable mining experience
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
Mining industry: Environmental managers / officers, Mine managers, Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs)Land rehabilitation specialists (Consultants, Contractors, Advisors)Mining Engineers, SHE Managers, Mine Closure Specialists, Mine planners
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Contact Sessions
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