MODULE 2: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)
MODULE 2: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)
19 Sep 2022
R 1150.00

MODULE 2: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)
26 Jun 2023
R 1150.00

Brief Description
The purpose of this course is for all clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers who provide AYFS services in the facility to learn how to be adolescent-friendly in their communication and behaviour. After a detailed introduction to AYFS and SRH, the module will focus on clarifying the Adolescent Youth Health Policy (AYHP) and context-specific challenges of young people such as exploring their sexuality, gender-based violence and mental health. Healthcare workers will also be enlightened about current best-practice interventions in youth clinics, namely, Youth Zones, Youth Clubs and B-Wise. The programme will conclude with a demonstration of the latest AYFS Assessment Tool to monitor the 10 AYFS Standards with other-related source documents.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a curriculum-based and age-appropriate process of teaching and learning about sexuality regarding all of its aspects, including cognitive, emotional, physical and social. This module is important for all healthcare workers and civil society personnel working with young people on issues of sexual reproductive health, whether through school or community health programmes or in consultation during the healthcare facility visit
Learning Outcomes
These are the learning objective of this module. By the end of this module, you will be able to:
Part 1: ASRHR
• Define AYFS and clarify the Adolescent Youth Health Policy (AYHP)
• Understand the current health situation of young people in your local catchment population area
• Be able to explain Covid-19 in an AYFS manner to adolescents and youth
• Be able to provide accurate individual and group communication when working with adolescents and youth
• Understand what sexuality is and what healthy sexuality entails
• Clarify key terms and concepts related to sexuality, the LGBTIQ+ population and use respectful language in the workplace and programme
• Be knowledgeable about youth clinic interventions responding to adolescent and youth challenges, how to implement them and assess their effectiveness.
• Be able to understand how mental health affects adolescents, the common mental health disorders in South Africa
• Become familiar with the AYFS assessment tools, monitoring and evaluation and related source document

Part 2: CSEs
• Define Comprehensive Sexual Education.
• Understand the implementation of CSE in South Africa
• understand how their personal values and beliefs should not interfere with service provision for young people, or
• not let personal to obstruct comprehensive sexual education service provision
• Provide effective and age-appropriate health education to young people in and out of school.
Course Content
The PART 1 (ASRHR) of the course consists of 7 modules:
• Introduction to Adolescent Youth Friendly Services (AYFS), Sexual Reproductive Health for Adolescents and Youth
• Adolescent and Youth Health Policy (AYHP) and Context-Specific Adolescent and Youth Health Challenges
• Individual and Group Communication when working with adolescents and youth
• Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression
• Detailed Youth Clinic Interventions: Youth Zones, Ideal Clinic, Youth Clubs and B-Wise health website
• Adolescent Mental Health and Gender-Based Violence
• AYFS Assessment Tool, Monitoring and Evaluation and related source documents
Part 2 (CSEs) consist of
• Recap and application of cross-cutting components of SRHR
• Understanding comprehensive sexual education and its implementation in South Africa: lessons and challenges
• Comprehensive sexual education for special schools
• Comprehensive sexual education for elementary phase
• Comprehensive sexual education for intermediate
• CSE education for further education and training (FET) phase including TVETS and universities. • Assessment and other related resources
Entry Requirements
School Health Nurses (SHN), all health care workers (HCW) who provide SRHR services or who have a passion for SRHR for future provision.

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Health and Health Care
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Medical Student, Professional Nurse, Clinician, Master Trainers and Healthcare Mentors
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