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MODULE 3: Sexual Function and Satisfaction
MODULE 3: Sexual Function and Satisfaction
26 Sep 2022
R 1150.00

Brief Description
Satisfaction with Sex Life assesses how satisfying and pleasurable the person regards his or her sexual life with no limitation on how the person defines “sex life.” The goal of the module is to develop the capacity of all persons to enjoy their sexuality and to advocate for the right to sexual and reproductive choices and the right to dignity, equality, and responsible, satisfying, and healthy sexual lives. Sexual dysfunction can adversely and profoundly impact patients' quality of life and self-image link between sexuality and GBV, STI’s and HIV, reproduction, adolescent sexuality is addressed in specific modules in the SRHR package. sexual dysfunction is often under-recognized and untreated, and many patients are reluctant to discuss sexual concerns with healthcare and mental health providers. The purpose of this module is to provide healthcare professionals with the information necessary to identify and appropriately treat sexual dysfunction and promote sexual health.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this module, participants will:
• Understanding sexual pleasure
   and sexual health
• Understand the contextual framework and the
   links between sexual pleasure, sexual health
   and  sexual rights
• Have knowledge of the role and promotion
   of safe and satisfying sexual experiences
• Describe the physiology of the normal
   sexual response cycle
• Knowledge of the causes of sexual dysfunction
• Understand the impact of physical disabilities
   and chronic illnesses on sexual well-being
• Develop skills and adopting a
    patient-centered   framework in evaluating
    sexual function and sexual dysfunction
• Know the pharmacological and
   non-pharmacological management of
   sexual dysfunction
• Know the multidisciplinary approach
   to management
Course Content
Learning Session 1 Recap and Application of Cross-Cutting Components Of SRHR
Learning Session 2 Normal and abnormal sexual response cycle
Learning Session 3 Sexual dysfunction
Learning Session 4 evaluation of sexual dysfunction
Learning Session 5 Sexuality in people with disabilities & palliative care patients
Learning session 6 Sexuality in menopause
Learning session 7 Treatment sexual dysfunction
Entry Requirements
  • Life Science at Nursing Education level and MBChB 1 level
  • Completion of all learning sessions of Module 1 of the SA Comprehensive SRHR Course.
  • Each learning session will be specific to the level of the participant’s prior training and present occupation.
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Health and Health Care
Who Should attend:
Medical Student, Professional Nurse, Clinician, Master Trainers and Healthcare Mentors
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