6 , 2023
Unravelling the 5.4 Seismic Magnitude Earthquake in South Africa: Sunday the 11th of June 2023
Natural disasters often remind us of the fragile nature of our existence and the immense power of the planet we call home. While South Africa may not be a region typically associated with seismic activity, this unexpected earthquake serves as a stark reminder that Mother Nature can unleash her forces in the most unexpected places.
5 , 2023
Empowering Adolescents through Comprehensive Sexual Education: A Path to Healthy Sexual and Reproductive Health
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) and Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) are essential components for equipping young people with comprehensive knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. Prioritising ASRH and implementing CSE programmes are crucial for promoting the well-being and development of adolescents, enabling them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
5 , 2023
Enhancing the 3D Imaging Workflow: Exploring the World of Post-Processing Techniques
In today's digital era, the advent of 3D imaging has brought about a revolution in industries such as architecture, design, manufacturing and healthcare. However, capturing high-quality 3D images is just the beginning of the process. Despite significant advancements in 3D imaging technologies, the raw data obtained from scanners or cameras often requires refinement and enhancement to achieve optimal results.
4 , 2023
Freedom Day in South Africa: Celebrating heritage and the importance of education
Heritage is an integral part of South Africa's national identity. It refers to the cultural traditions, customs, beliefs, and values that have been passed down from generation to generation. Freedom Day is an opportunity to celebrate and preserve this rich heritage. By acknowledging and embracing our diverse cultural traditions, we can create a more inclusive and tolerant society.
4 , 2023
UP Campus Tours celebrate 20 years with new gear courtesy of Enterprises UP
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the University of Pretoria’s Campus Tours (UPCT) by presenting the team with personalised T-shirts on March 23, 2023.
4 , 2023