One of a kind Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making to be presented in May 2021

Monday, December 7, 2020

In May 2021, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) together with the Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria (UP) will officially present one of a kind Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making, which aims to assist grant-makers to navigate through the complex process of grant-making that requires cautious thinking and decision making. 

During the development of this programme, it became evident that limited courses of a similar nature exist, locally and internationally. Experts from the University of Pretoria have interacted with more than 80 grant-makers, and through this short video, they share their experiences with grant-makers, more insight on grant-making and this unique programme.

It is essential for grant-makers to possess skills that will assist in ensuring grant recipients live up to the overall strategic priorities of grant-making – irrespective of an applicant complying with funding requirements. Grants awarded to recipients should be utilised in a sustainable manner to ensure that a legacy is left behind. Moreover, grant recipients should be self-dependent after receiving a grant to pursue their objectives independently.

This programme presents grant-makers with current knowledge and skills that will not only assist with daily responsibilities but would also enhance effective fund distribution to make the relevant difference. Grant-makers must have the necessary competencies to perform their duties and functions that include evaluating, processing and monitoring grant applications and funding from a financial performance and compliance perspective.

To further equip grant-makers, the Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making intends to provide theory and best practices behind ethics, governance and sustainability (EGS). The practical application of EGS will be critically investigated and interactively discussed with specific reference to the grant-making environment.

“The training needs for grant-makers were developed based on a case study on a key stakeholder organisation to grant-making in South Africa, where data was gathered by means of a focus group approach. The findings have resulted in a unique variety of disciplines relevant to grant-makers, included in the programme. The course presenters that will present modules relating to the disciplines were handpicked from a pool of expertise at UP.” said Karel Fouché, course leader. 

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