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Online Advance Course in Neuroscience Coaching
Brief Description
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training, Neuro-Link and Enterprises University of Pretoria offers training to consultants, professionals and organizations with our highly acclaimed emotional intelligence and leadership courses to equip clients, patients, students, workers, athletes, managers and leaders to develop their potential, improve their performance and develop their leadership skills. The program is called the "HIGH ACHIEVER PROGRAM". It consists of nine modules. The training is done online. What makes the program unique is because it has a Neuroscientific approach to emotional intelligence and leadership development. Our point of departure in each emotional intelligence and leadership development module is our unique brain profile assessment and our 12 Emotional Intelligence Profile Competencies Profile.
Learning Outcomes
  • Enhanced personal impact in society and the workplace
  • Lead through inspirational example
  • Accurate self-awareness and understanding
  • Coping with change, managing stress and maintaining wellness
  • Enhanced team effectiveness
  • Purpose alignment
  • Social awareness and a better understanding of others
  • Constructive social interactions with others
  • Becoming value-driven leaders
Course Content
Mental Literacy
  • 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Understand your unique neurological wiring


  • Formulate your purpose, find meaning, and create a vision

Mind Power

  • How the brain works
  • Brain Basics

Coping with Change, Managing Stress & Maintaining Wellness

  • Understanding Change and Stress
  • Mental Wellness

Coping Skills

  • 11 Brain-Based Coping Skills

Social Awareness

Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Whole Brain Interpersonal Communication >
  • Conflict Resolution

Neuroscientific Social Cohesion Team Functioning

  • Team Functioning

Value Driven Leadership

  • Servant Leadership Module
  • Values-Driven Leadership

Brain and Body Agility

  • Health Related Fitness Index
  • Skill Related Fitness Index
  • Neuro Agility Index
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates must have a National Senior Certificate (Matric/ Grade12) and completed the Certificate in Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching & Certificate in Higher Neuroscience Coaching
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Health and Health Care
Who Should attend:
Delegates and students who completed the Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching and Higher Neuroscience Coaching
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