Online Course in Advanced Debt Review
Brief Description
The Online Course in Advanced Debt Review provides you with a progressive training opportunity to cultivate much needed technical skills and proficiency in the process of debt review in your role as current (or prospective) debt review practitioner. This programme is specifically designed to allow you to unpack the National Credit Act34 of 2005 by probing into case law and discussing contemporary contentious issues facing the South African banking sector. During the course, you will also become more familiar with some of the key applications and treatment of case law that covers over-indebtedness, reckless lending, court processes and exit mechanisms.
Learning Outcomes
Background and legislative framework Defining, measuring, and preventing over indebtedness in terms of the National Credit Act Overview of the debt review process Reckless credit The court process Debt review exit mechanisms and enforcement of debt
Course Content
Block 1: Background and Legislative Framework History of the National Credit Act Legislative frameworkBlock 2: Defining, Measuring, and Preventing Over-Indebtedness in Terms of the NCA Defining over indebtedness (Section 79) Measuring over indebtedness (Regulation 23A) Preventing over indebtednessBlock 3: Overview of the Debt Review Process Consumer applies for debt review Debt counsellor notifies credit provider of application in terms of Form 17.1 and requests COB Credit provider issues COB Debt counsellor determines over indebtedness Debt counsellor notifies credit provider of outcome of Determination in terms of Form 17.2 and makes proposal Credit provider reviews proposal Debt counsellor issues court application Credit provider implements court order Debt counsellor issues clearance certificateBlock 4: Reckless Credit Defining reckless credit Defence against an allegation of reckless credit Consequences of reckless credit Agreements exempt from reckless credit Debt counsellors duty to investigate reckless credit Forums dealing with resolution of reckless credit allegations Credit assessment by credit providerBlock 5: The Court Process Defining reckless credit Standard debt review application Draft debt review court orderBlock 6: Debt Review Exit Mechanisms and Enforcement of Debt Guidelines for the withdrawal from debt review Debt review and enforcement Enforcement of credit agreements
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should have a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent NQF level 4 qualifications a as minimum. A minimum of three years working experience with a registered credit provider is required.The following aspects will be beneficial: A solid financial background Good knowledge of all the relevant acts including the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act.
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Law and Human Rights
Who Should attend:
This programme is ideal for any person in the credit provider space involved in debt review.
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
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