Online Course in Demand Management in the Public Sector
Brief Description
Demand Management is the initial phase of Public Sector Supply Chain Management (SCM) and sets the trend for all subsequent actions that are associated with SCM. This six-week self-directed on-line course will assist learners with an understanding of the role and importance of demand management within the South African public sector SCM system to perform a variety of activities to ensure that organisational needs are correctly identified.  This will ensure that procurement takes place according to a structured procurement plan. Furthermore, learners will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to manage demand effectively in the public sector context.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this six weeks online course, you will be able to:
  • demonstrate an understanding of demand management in the public sector
  • explain the necessity for demand management
  • explain the relationship between demand management and the strategic planning of a department
  • describe the aspects of strategic planning
  • explain the various aspects that must be considered during the demand process
  • identify the role players in public service demand management conduct a needs analysis to support the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • describe the various analyses that should be performed during the demand phase of supply chain management
  • distinguish between needs, financial, commodity, market, industry and supplier analysis
  • explain the concept of total cost of ownership explain the necessity for and compilation of a procurement plan
  • compile specifications and/or terms of reference and evaluation criteria
  • explain the necessity for well-prepared specifications and terms of reference
  • distinguish between a specifications and terms of reference draft a specification for the purchase of a commodity
  • compile a terms of reference for the rendering of a professional service, and
  • explain the composition and functions of a bid specification committee.
Course Content
  • Demand management in perspective
  • Demand analysis
  • Specifications and terms of reference
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12).
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Public Administration and Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for any public service official involved in supply chain management.
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