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As people truly are the most precious asset any business can have, it is essential for any people development practitioner and performance improvement professional to have an accurate understanding of how the human mind works, learns and thinks. To validate and improve practices like coaching, teaching, talent development and performance improvement, it has to be grounded in neuroscience to ensure better efficiency, accuracy and results.You cant improve what you cant measure. If you want to optimize performance you need to know how the drivers that optimize brain performance will impact a persons unique neurological design. Neuro-Link has developed the most comprehensive neuroscientific assessment yet, to determine this. This online Higher Neuroscience Coaching course is a Brain Profile Practitioner Program for coaches, sports coaches, educators, trainers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, consultants and organizations to learn the fundamentals of the neuroscience of learning, thinking and how the brain processes information. This information is organized into a brain profile assessment that illustrates 7 factors that impact a persons neurological design and 6 drivers that optimize the brains performance. Neuro-Link has registered this brain profile assessment as the Learning Receptiveness Profile (LRP). The LRP brain profile assessment is a neuroscientific, multi-dimensional assessment that assesses 6 drivers that optimize brain performance and 7 factors that determine a persons neurological design. It is the most comprehensive neuroscientific assessment that exists, as it assesses all the primary factors that influence brain performance and learning receptivity.Brain Profile Practitioner training is a self-study program for practitioners who are passionate about developing people and who want to identify their potential and improve performance. The program will enable them to become certified practitioners of one of many brain profile assessments that Neuro-Link offers to adults, students and children. It consists of videos, manuals, infographics, assessments and assignments. Once the assignments have successfully been completed and the prospective practitioner has passed with 80% or more, Neuro-Link will certify the practitioner as competent to compile and debrief people on our brain profile assessments.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of this program, practitioners will be able to:Identify neurological & learning hindrancesReduce risk of human errorAccurately assess peoples neurological design & learning potentialMeasure and enhance brain performanceMaintain brain healthDebrief individuals on their neurodesign and the drivers that optimize their performanceDebrief teams on what the team profile and character looks like and the unique contribution each team member can make in the team.Accelerate peoples learning resultsUse Neuro-Links assessment as a revenue stream to generate income
Course Content
Course ContentModule 1 : MUSCLE PHYSIOLOGY Skeletal MuscleSmooth MuscleCardiac MuscleModule 2 : NEUROPHYSIOLOGY Introduction and organisation of the nervous system Cells of the nervous system Electrical signal transmission in neuronsCell-to-cell communication in the nervous system Anatomy of the central nervous system Brain function Module 3: AFFERENT DIVISION: SENSORY PHYSIOLOGY General properties of sensory systems Somatic senses The ear: Hearing and Equilibrium The eye and vision Module 4: EFFERENT DIVISION: AUTONOMIC AND SOMATIC MOTOR CONTROLThe autonomic division The Somatic motor division Module 5: INTEGRATIVE NERVOUS PHYSIOLOGY Neural and autonomic reflexes Autonomic reflexesThe integrated control of posture and body movement Module 6: UNDERSTANDING HOW THE BRAIN WORKSMeet your amazing brainElectro-chemical functioning of the brainHow the brain processes informationHow behavior is formedDrivers influencing brain performanceModule 7: UNDERSTANDING THE LEARNING IMPLICATIONS OF THE BRAINLearning implications of brain areas4 brain statesDiscovering your unique, amazing neurological designModule 8: INTERPRETING THE UNIQUE LEARNING RECEPTIVENESS PROFILEUnderstanding the Learning Receptiveness ProfileDefining and understanding brain and sensory dominanceStructure to interpret a brain profile assessmentPractical debriefing of a brain profile assessmentModule 9: HOW TO COMPILE THE LEARNING RECEPTIVENESS PROFILEPreparing to compile a brain profileOutline for doing a brain profile assessmentHow to compile a brain profile assessmentHow to do a brain profile assessment debriefingPractical examModule 10: BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALSBusiness fundamentalsImplications of your practitioners agreementEthical conductTheoretical assignment
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Health and Health Care
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Coaches, sports coaches, educators, trainers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, consultants
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