Online Course in Instructional Design Tools for E-Learning
Online Course in Instructional Design Tools for E-Learning
19 Oct 2020
R 7999.00
Brief Description
This course aims to introduce the fundamentals of instructional design tools for e-learning necessary for effective online or blended learning and teaching. This professional course is most suited for any individual that needs to design content with the use of multimedia and technology. The course follows a constructionist approach where delegates need to design and develop their own content using various interactive software and technology tools. The course is facilitated online to give the delegate the online experience of content delivery and offers support through various online platforms. The course encourages collaboration through online group activities. These group activities develop, among others, online assessment and feedback skills. This course runs over 8 weeks with weekly activities that need to be completed. These artifacts are used to develop an e-portfolio of evidence needed for final assessment. Delegates need to dedicate at least 10 hours of learning each week.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
  • integrate the use of social media apps in the execution of teaching and learning activities
  • create infographics
  • design animated and interactive videos for educational practices
  • apply various learning theories
  • experience the use of different student response systems and presentation software
  • identify and apply various instructional design models;
  • use mind-mapping tools to illustrate information
  • design interactive PowerPoints and use gaming elements to enhance engagement
  • identify and apply visual design principles
  • create apps for teaching and learning purposes
  • create e-books and QR codes
  • use LMSs to communicate and deliver content
  • design and develop storyboards
  • demonstrate your ability to use Bloom’s Taxonomy for different levels of questioning
  • participate in synchronous and asynchronous platforms
  • create a website with multiple pages and various different types of e-learning content
  • present your knowledge and skills in e-learning to a small audience
Course Content
  • Social media apps for teaching and learning
  • Animated videos & interactive videos
  • Student response systems
  • PowerPoint magic
  • Mobile devices, applications and e-books
  • Learning management systems (LMSs)
  • Your e-portfolio website
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should be computer literate and preferably have experience in teaching/facilitating.
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Education and Teacher Development
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for any individual that needs to design content using interactive and engaging content. Teachers, lecturers, trainers, instructional designers, learning designers and any other individuals who work in the e-learning environment will benefit form attending this course.
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