Online Course in Introduction to Project Management
Online Course in Introduction to Project Management
01 Jul 2023
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Online Course in Introduction to Project Management
01 Mar 2024
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Brief Description
Increasingly, organisations structure and manage their operations using project management principles. The success of adopting a project management approach to all work aspects and acquiring and mastering project management skills is crucial in todays professional environment.
This course aims to introduce delegates to the principles of project management. The content is aligned with international standards and guidelines such as PMBoK and ISO 21500. After completing the course, each delegate should not only be familiar with the theoretical aspects of project management but also be able to apply the concepts to a project in their own environment.
The overall objective of the course is to enable each participant to improve their project development and execution skills and to create a thorough awareness of the factors that could influence the outcome of projects. The course duration is six weeks. To complete the course in time, delegates should devote five hours per week to the courses activities.
Learning Outcomes
After successful completion of the course/programme, delegates will be able to
  • grasp theoretical aspects of Project Management
  • apply concepts to a project in their own work environments
Course Content
The course consists of the following modules:
  • Introduction to project management
  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Human resource management
  • Communication management
  • Procurement management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Integration management
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and/or prior knowledge in place.
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Project and Risk Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for prospective delegates with a specific interested in Project Management as a career, or as supplement to their professional development.
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