Online course in Property Data Collection
Brief Description
The purpose of the course is to provide an entry level orientation to property data collection. Property data collection is required for various purposes: The course’s primary focus is on residential property and data collection for the purposes of value determination for municipal rating purposes. This introductory course may also be used for any person undertaking property data collection. This course will guide the participant through the various elements required for property data collection. In addition, the participant will undertake a series of practical exercises to test their knowledge of the theoretical content as well as to provide them with the actual skills set to complete the tasks assigned to them as property data collectors.This course is designed with a practical application within the real estate environment. It extends a practical approach to facilitate the development of the required data collection competencies and associated Critical-Cross Field Outcomes skills. This practical course is aimed at imparting specific skills to the new real estate practitioner. It combines an overview of the theoretical concepts with practical skills required for accurate and complete property data collection.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Explain the key concepts of property data collection.
  • Understanding property and the Legislative overview.
  • Explain and understand data collection concepts, methods.tools and instruments.
  • Explain and understand locating property data for property data collection
  • Understand and communicate effectively with the public about property data collection.
  • Understand what data must be collected and how to read a building plan correctly
  • Understand internal and external inspections.
  • Understand processes pertaining to data quality management, data review, self-review, external review.
  • Collect, analyse, organise, and critically evaluate information when available information resources assessed are relevant for data collection.
Course Content
The course covers the following chapters:
  • Property Data Collection Environment
  • Data Collection Planning
  • Property Data Sources
  • Communication for Property Data Collection
  • Physical Data Collection Inspections.
  • Data quality management
  • Application of Data Collection Theory
Entry Requirements
  • Participants should be competent in Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3.
  • Basic Understanding of Information Technology at NQF Level 3.
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Property, Retail and Facilities Management
Who Should attend:
Property valuations agent, Real Estate professionals, Property Assessors, Local Government,
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Online
Contact Days:
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