Online Course in Research Proposal Development
Brief Description
Deciding on a research topic and preparing a research proposal can be a daunting task, but it is essential for completing your masters or doctoral (PhD) degree.The purpose of this online course is to assist delegates to develop a good research topic and prepare an excellent research proposal. Whether you are a current masters student or a doctoral candidate, writing a research proposal is an integral part of your academic success. This course will address many of the challenges you will face in writing your proposal.The course will guide delegates through the process of developing a research proposal for a masters or doctoral thesis or dissertation, and topics such as the research problem, the literature review, research methods, academic writing, and presenting your research proposal to a committee will be covered in detail.
Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, delegates will be able to:Understand the requirement that a PhD must make a unique contributionUnderstand how to develop a problem statement Write in an academic styleReference correctlyUse EndnoteBe able to write a comprehensive research proposalBe able to present their research in front of a panel
Course Content
The course will be based mostly on the book Constructing a Good Dissertation by Erik Hofstee, together with other appropriate material as required. The course will work step-by-step through the book. Some of the topics to be covered can be shortlisted as follows:The research problemMaking a contributionThe introduction to the research proposalThe literature reviewThe research methodAcademic writingReferencingEndnotePresentation skills
Entry Requirements
The prerequisite for the course is an honours degree, preferably in the Economic and Management Sciences domain.
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Education and Teacher Development
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The course is relevant for anyone who needs to understand how to develop a research proposal towards successfully completing his or her masters or doctoral thesis or dissertation.
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