Online Course: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Concepts
Online Course: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Concepts (Sep 2020)
30 Sep 2020
R 3000.00
Brief Description
The Online Course: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture Concepts provides you with a concise, yet fundamental, overview of critical enterprise architecture concepts. The field of enterprise architecture considers the conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organisation, and this course particularly focuses on core concepts and ideas behind architecture, using enterprise architecture frameworks and linking this knowledge back to notational styles and their application by means of relevant case studies. You will further be equipped with a better understanding of enterprise architecture and how it can be applied through the relevant frameworks, documentation and modelling approaches currently used.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of this course, delegates will: understand the core concepts applied in Enterprise Architecture; understand organisational problems that can be resolved though the appropriate application of Enterprise Architecture; understand the concepts of Enterprise Architecture frameworks and distinguish between the different frameworks; and understand modelling and notational styles used in Enterprise Architecture.
Course Content
Introduction to Enterprise Architecture concepts and frameworks; Introduction to the Zachman framework; Enterprise Architecture frameworks; Enterprise Architecture documentation and modelling.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a relevant bachelors degree and analysis experience in the field of computing. Delegates are required to have an understanding of the need for Enterprise Architecture within an organisation.
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Information and Communication Technology
Who Should attend:
Individuals who work in the following areas will benefit from participating in this course: Project Managers; Business and Systems Analysts; General Managers; System Developers and Programmers; Data Specialists; System Integrators; System Implementers and Planners; and anyone who is considering establishing an Enterprise Architecture Capacity within their organisation.
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