Online Course: The Whole Brain® Manager
Brief Description
The Whole Brain® Manager is a 9 module online course and draws on more than 35 years of research on thinking and the brain through which you will explore the mental demands of the job and learn how to leverage thinking to get the best results from your people, organisational processes and personal performance.
This innovative online course engages and inspires leaders in an entirely new way – honing your managerial skills through the lens of Whole Brain® Thinking to gain a strong foundation to support development and career growth over the long term.
The course will equip you with the requisite skills to out think, outpace and outperform any workplace challenge. As a manager, not only will you learn how to access your full brainpower, but you will also develop the thinking agility to manage diverse tasks and people successfully – simultaneously leading to better productivity while creating and planning for the future.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the course, you will be able to
• recognise and describe the four dominant thinking styles
• review the meaning of Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)® scores and understand its implications
• use tools to examine a business issue or challenge from multiple dimensions
• understand your own communication style and how other people communicate and how it influences outcomes
• explain what you (and others) can contribute to a team
• determine team thinking preferences and how it often influences decisions
• manage an effective team meeting based on thinking preferences
• determine how action-ready your team is and recognise your strengths in managing projects
• understand your own preferences in problem solving, make more balanced decisions and recognise decisions based on intuition
• understand the needs of other people more clearly and influence outcomes to get better commitments from others
• gain acceptance of your ideas and solutions more effectively
• understand coaching and its value as a performance enhancement technique
• maximise the impact of coaching sessions to improve the performance of a team, and
• develop a flexible approach to managing diversity of thinking and difficult people
Course Content
Session 1: Fundamentals of Management - THINK
Session 2: Fundamentals of Management - COMMUNICATE
Session 3: Fundamentals of Management - BUILD
Session 4: Functions to Manage - SOLVE
Session 5: Functions to Manage - DECIDE
Session 6: Functions to Manage - IMPLEMENT
Session 7: People to Manage - RECOGNISE
Session 8: People to Manage - RELATE
Session 9: People Management  - COACH
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have relevant work experience, prior knowledge and/or a relevant tertiary qualification in their field of employment.
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Catalogue and Category:
General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a newly appointed manager with the responsibility of managing others in a diverse team or work group setting.
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