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Public Financial Management for Public Sector Managers
The module aims to enhance the knowledge-based public financial management capabilities of senior public servants by means of an approach that is both academic and practical.A series of teaching methodologies will be followed. There will be electronic learning, face to face sessions, online support, and the use of case studies, practical work, group assignme
Start Date : 26 Oct 2020
Price : R 3 450.00
Online Course in Demand Management in the Public Sector
Demand Management is the initial phase of Public Sector Supply Chain Management (SCM) and sets the trend for all subsequent actions that are associated with SCM. This six-week self-directed on-line course will assist learners with an understanding of the role and importance of demand management within the South African public sector SCM system to perform a v
Start Date : 26 Oct 2020
Price : R 8 600.00
Youth Ministry as an Inclusive Relational Approach
The programme in Youth Ministry as an Inclusive Relational Approach provides you with an opportunity to successfully bring your ministry to todays youth in the larger southern African context. The programme will equip you with the practical skills to provide an effective ministry to children, teenagers and young adults (either as pastor or congregati
Start Date : 26 Oct 2020
Price : R 2 500.00
Online Course: The Whole Brain® Manager
<div><span>The Whole Brain&reg; Manager is a 9 module online course and draws on more than 35 years of research on thinking and the brain through which you will explore the mental demands of the job and learn how to leverage thinking to get the best results from your people, organisational processes and personal performance. </span></div> <div><span>&nbsp;</
Start Date : 28 Oct 2020
Price : R 15 525.00
Total Quality Management
<div>The short course in Total Quality Management will introduce you to contemporary tools and techniques in quality control that will enable you to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace in line with the total quality management philosophy. In today's world, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are a function of
Start Date : 28 Oct 2020
Price : R 6 950.00