Online Mini-Module: How to create your own podcast
Brief Description
Our series of short, bite-sized, and easily digestible online learning modules are designed to provide casual learning opportunities on specific learning points whenever you have some spare time. The modules deliver the ‘how to’ to right away – leading to a specific performance outcome.
A mini-module will take approximately 1–2 hours of online learning. Delegates will receive a digital completion record upon completion of the course.
Podcasting has become a major global format for the dispersion of information. According to K. Russell in his article, Podcasting, in Computerworld, 2005, podcasting had become a significant method of information distribution on the Internet by the year 2004. The development of the iPod by Apple in 2001 played a significant role in what was to follow with podcasts. The need for podcast skills in either the media industry or education is now essential.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this mini-module, you will be able to:
Set up for a podcast;
Identify and use the equipment;
Prepare the room for recording;
Identify the three stages of podcasting;
Record a podcast;
Edit or mix the podcast, and
Course Content
Creating podcasts: A step-by-step guide;
Technical skills for podcasting;
Setting up for a podcast;
Understanding the equipment;
Learning how to record a podcast;
Editing/mixing the podcast, and
Publishing the podcast.
Entry Requirements
This online mini-module is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to create a podcast. 
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Marketing, Communication and Languages
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This online mini-module is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to create a podcast. 
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