Online Mini-Module: How to write a news article
Brief Description
Our series of short, bite-sized, and easily digestible online learning modules are designed to provide casual learning opportunities on specific learning points whenever you have some spare time. The modules deliver the ‘how to’ to right away – leading to a specific performance outcome.
A mini-module will take approximately 1–2 hours of online learning. Delegates will receive a digital completion record upon completion of the course.
News writing is writing an article with a purpose. News is anything that will make people talk and giving account of the changing relationships of men. With news writing, you write about people or things that have consequences on the status quo. Different news values determine whether a story is deemed newsworthy or not. These values include conflict, progress and disaster, consequence and impact, prominence, timeliness and proximity, novelty, human interest, and sex.
This mini-module will develop your news writing skills and show you the process of writing the article, including writing the intro paragraph and headline.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this mini-module, you should be able to:
Define news writing;
List the different writing styles;
List the different applications of news writing;
Define a news article and list which questions your article must answer;
Apply good news writing characteristics and guidelines, according to the study material;
Structure an article using the inverted pyramid style;
List and define other writing structures;
Attribute your facts and information to the correct sources;
Compile a news article using the basic steps;
Identify a good story idea;
Define interviewing as part of the research process;
Explain what the intro and body of the article is and what each must contain;
Keep to basic journalism ethical principles;
Use Steve Buttry's tips to determine what about your article needs editing;
Write a good introduction, according to the study material, and
Write a good headline, according to the study material.
Course Content
Unit 1: Developing news writing skills 
Unit 2: The process of writing the article 
Unit 3: Writing the introduction paragraph and headline
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This online mini-module is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to write a news article.
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Marketing, Communication and Languages
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This online mini-module is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to write a news article.
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