Online Programme in Innovation Management (PIM)
Brief Description
The Programme in Innovation Management (PIM) provides present and future decision- makers and leaders within organisations with a comprehensive innovation management training. The management of innovation is one of the most important and challenging aspects of an organisation, as it impacts all areas of an organisation and it is a fundamental driver of competitiveness in an ever-changing business landscape.
This programme is applicable for any operational staff, technical staff, planners, supervisors, managers, or any other decision-makers that have to make successful business judgment within a rapidly changing business environment.
Understanding of basic principles in innovation and related business management areas. 
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the programme, you will be able to:
understand the nature and extent of change and innovation 
analyse and manage the organisation by applying sound management and leadership         principles
develop skills to enable creativity and develop innovative solutions to problems identified
acquire knowledge on how to create a culture of innovation in an organisation
manage resources sustainably
acquire knowledge on how to spur  industrial development through innovation
analyse problem situations to develop, implement, and maintain solution systems
develop a project plan and understand how to manage a project
evaluate the financial performance of a company
understand people’s behaviour and apply good people management practices to increase individual and team performance in a diverse work place.
Course Content
The programme is presented over a period of 16 days (four blocks of four days each). You must obtain a pass mark for each module, based on class tests and assignments that are related to the work environment of the individual. Presentation of modules consists of lectures, group discussions and case studies.
The following modules will be covered on the programme:
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Sustainable Management
Innovation in Industrialization 
System Thinking and Engineering 
Project Management
Financial Management 
People Management
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates must have a Grade 12/ Matric and should at least have a relevant technical qualification and/or work experience. 

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This programme is ideal for you if you are involved in, or associated with management and leadership functions such as innovation, entrepreneurship, operations, resources, projects, and decision-making. Knowledge and skills acquired in this programme are relevant to a wide variety of industry and business sectors, including the public sector. 
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