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Online Programme in the Essentials for Grant-making
Brief Description
The course is aimed to equip grantmakers with the necessary competencies and skills to perform their daily responsibilities. Grantmakers being equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills would not only assist them with their daily responsibilities, but would also enhance effective fund distribution to make the relevant difference.
The training needs for grantmakers was developed based on a case study on a key stakeholder organisation to grantmaking in South Africa, where data was gathered by means of a focus group approach. The findings have resulted in a unique variety of disciplines relevant to grantmakers, included to the course. 
Learning Outcomes
A grantmaker should be able to apply the skills outcomes in a practical situation in the grant-making environment.
Course Content
The programme covers the following modules:
1. Best practices for grantmakers
  • The application of best practices should ensure that grant recipients live up to the overall strategic priorities of grant-making – irrespective of an applicant merely complying with funding requirements.
  • Grants awarded to recipients should be utilised in a sustainable manner to ensure that a legacy is left behind. Moreover, should grant recipients be able to stand on their own after receiving a grant to pursue their objectives independently.

2. Professional communication @ work for grantmakers 
  • The main objectives for this module is to equip grantmakers with communication and writing skills in the work environment.
  • Grant applications received from applicants should be evaluated and information relating to applications should be processed accurately and completely for further evaluation.
  • Grantmakers should also be able to communicate and liaise with applicants and beneficiaries from various backgrounds in a professional manner.

3. Ethics, governance and sustainability for grantmakers
  • The objectives of this module is to explore the theory and best practices behind ethics, governance and sustainability (EGS).
  • The practical application of EGS will be critically investigated and interactively discussed with specific reference to the grant-making environment.

4. Organisational internal controls in the grant-making environment
  • The main objectives for this module is to equip grantmakers with an understanding of the principles and components of the internal controls, based on international best practices, with specific reference to the grant-making environment.
5. Accounting and finance for grantmakers 
  • The main objectives for this module is to equip grantmakers with the relevant skills to evaluate, process and monitor grant applications and funding from a financial performance and compliance perspective.
6. Monitoring and evaluation for grantmakers
  • The terminology, concepts and theory behind monitoring and evaluation as a discipline will be addressed in this module and the practical application thereof in the grant-making environment will interactively be discussed.
7. Fraud risk management for grantmakers
  • The objectives of this module is to create an awareness with grantmakers about the possible existence and nature of fraudulent activities in the grant-making environment.
  • Exploring and discussing the definitions of fraud will enable grantmakers to identify and appropriately act upon fraud in the grant-making environment
Entry Requirements
A senior certificate/grade 12/matric or equivalent qualification.
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General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
A person in the grant-making field without sufficient underlying qualifications
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