Online Workshop on Leadership in a Disrupted World
Brief Description
We are increasingly engulfed by a disrupted world. Our paradigms are irrevocably changed. Our futures will not be the same as where we come from and are presently.
Disruption and the future go hand-in-hand. How do we prepare for disruption? By making sense of the future landscapes that we will navigate on.
How do we lead others into the coming revolutions, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we experience at present?
What is disruption?
Disruption is the interruption or disturbance of the accepted norm that becomes a force that changes the way things are done, values, societies and often beliefs. It is so abrupt and impactful that there is often not time to prepare for it. To thrive in disruption, we need to understand the future.
When is the future?
The future is at this moment, tomorrow and thereafter, often stretching beyond an era in time yet to realise, that lies outside the everyday planning, strategic management and intervention scope. The future approaches at different speeds for different business environments. We can thus shape the future to create landscapes from our imagination.
To thrive in the unknown, even the short-term unknown, we need leaders with the courage and skills to venture into and beyond the future. Leaders shaped for disruption are at ease with fast evolution, revolution and the transitions which take place among eras of technology, business and economies. Although they cannot always anticipate disruptions, they are at ease being thrown into them and guiding others through the turbulent and complex eras of change.
Leadership in a Disrupted World is a learning and participative journey that puts future perspective to themes that leaders need to address to shape, influence and navigate landscapes that they will guide others on.
The journey will unlock the combined knowledge of future aware leaders on being at ease with disruption and creating an environment where collaboration, teaming and personalisation are used to draw on experience and to lead towards future leadership qualities to deal with disruptions of many kinds.
The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) of the University of Pretoria and the TBi have joined forces to create a leadership development concept - the Leadership in a Disrupted World journey. The GSTM has graduated many Masters in Engineering Management, Project Management and Technology and Innovation Management students over its existence. This has resulted into an alumni community that is proud of their common body of knowledge of engineering and technology management. This community plays a guiding leadership role in their industries, academia and government in Africa. With the speed of change brought about by technology, lifestyles and geo-political influences, these leaders have to remain resilient to future disruption. The GSTM has built future thinking into its courseware and research and now offers this understanding in the context of future leadership as a continued service to its alumni and other industry leaders through this workshop.
TBi was born from a vision to improve self-understanding, intra- and interpersonal relationships in a social or team context. This unique value proposition (our scientific method of training) distinguishes TBi from other service providers. TBI's approach is to integrate inter- disciplinary concepts that are usually viewed as separate entities The TBi methodology also known as Adventure-related Experiential Learning (AEL), finds its roots in the following disciplines - Psychology, Philosophy, Human Movement Sciences and Business. The AEL- method of learning guarantees fun, novelty and engagement of participants in discovering new perspectives to facilitate change. Learning and change should never be confined by lecture rooms and sitting in rows. A unique value proposition of this workshop revolves around context and interpersonal dynamics.
The workshop has been designed to encourage inter- and intrapersonal communication. 
Join this experience and become a future leader that will embrace disruption by preparing yourself for a world where your imagination and sense making will shape your future, and that of others that you lead.
This interactive workshop will be presented in 4 sessions of 4 hours each over 4 days from 09:00 – 13:00.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the workshop, you will be able to:
- understand your own orientation towards the future
-your own ability to lead in disruptive environments
-lead at various levels of depth of the future
-select a preferred future
-adopt your leadership style for this adopted future
-dynamically re-imagine leadership models
-know your leadership readiness for the future
-embrace disruption
Course Content
This workshop focuses on the following aspects:
Orientation for a disrupted world.
Leadership futures:
     Possible Futures
     Plausible futures
     Probable futures
     Preferred futures
Leading into disruption:
     Future leadership readiness
     Painting the future leadership landscape
     Re-imagining leadership models
     Motivating others
Entry Requirements
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General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
This workshop is ideal for young and upcoming leaders in a broad spectrum of industry where, especially engineering and technology management play a role in supporting leadership through disruptive change where complex environments evolve in short times and need to be dealt with.
Leaders that find that existing leadership theories fall short to assist them in handling current and future challenges should be seeking new ways of thinking about the future and to prepare them for disruption. It should be very clear that disruption has a positive and potentially negative effect. By controlling disruption, new products, markets, value chains and client bases are created. By losing control over disruption, market share, brand prominence, client trust and sustainability may be eliminated.
The workshop is presented online with virtual contact sessions. Delegates will be required to have a laptop/desktop computer as well as internet connectivity to access the workshop.
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