Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design
Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design
13 Nov 2023
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Brief Description
The Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design short course provides you with a comprehensive look into the basics and key elements of planning and designing a surface mine that uses open-cut or open- cast mining techniques. The course specifically focuses on aspects of the geological resource model right through to the reserve statement and all aspects of the open-pit mine value chain. Not only will you be equipped with a basic theory of open-pit mine design and its application, but you will also receive the opportunity to interact with and gain practical know-how from experts and peers in the field of mining.
Learning Outcomes
After successful completion of the course, you will have a better understanding of the open pit mine planning process.
The detailed outcomes would be reached as presented in the industry syllabus, however on a broader base, the course will be aimed at developing the candidates abilities in the six cognitive levels: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Thus, when being examined on the topics detailed in this syllabus, candidates would be able to demonstrate their capacity for:
  • Comprehending and understanding the general Open Pit Planning and Design engineering principles covered in this syllabus and applying these to real orebodies and optimising the mine designs.
  • Applying fundamental scientific knowledge, comprehension and understanding to predict the behaviour of mine layouts in terms of the different types of risks in real world mining environments.
  • Performing creative procedural design and synthesis of short term planning and support systems to control and influence production scheduling processes.
  • Understanding the greater picture in the total value chain process and the overall evaluation thereof.
  • Communicating, explaining and discussing the reasoning, methodology, results and ramifications of all the above aspects in a professional manner at all levels.
Course Content
The value chain incorporated into the course consists of:
  • Geological resource, drill samples, ore body models and block modelling
  • Pit optimisation
  • Physical pit design E
  • quipment optimisation and requirements P
  • roduction schedule
  • Mining cost modelling, mining capex and opex
  • Reserve statement

Sub-topics, incorporated into the value chain, discussed during the course will include the following:

  • Key factors to consider in pit design and design criteria
  • Modelling techniques and calibration
  • Drilling and blasting for stable pit walls
  • Mine water risk in slope stability
  • Monitoring and maintaining open pit slopes
  • Assessing the risks with open pit mining
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a tertiary mining qualification an understanding of the mine layout, and 4 years work experience or prior mining work experience

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Engineering and Technology Management
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This course is ideal for: Mining Engineers Planning Engineers Geotechnical Engineers Surveyors Drill and Blast Engineers Mine Managers Operation Managers Auditors
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