Operations Management
Brief Description
The value (quality, lead time, due date performance, variety, consistency, after sales service) that customers experience when buying a product or service is primarily created within and the primary responsibility of the operations function. Improving on these value proposition components lead to an improved selling price and building the company’s brand. It is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that the operations function is correctly aligned with the target market segments to ensure that the promises can be delivered on. This course will focus on how the operations function can become the strategic competitive edge for the business. It is based on systems principles which are universally applicable to manufacturing and service companies, irrespective of size or industry classification. Both a strategic and day-to-day approach will be followed.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  • Understand and explain the role of the operations function within the business context
  • Assess and analyse market segment characteristics (order qualifiers and order winners)
  • Utilise the order qualifiers and order winners to do appropriate process choice selection for the chosen market segment(s)
  • Explain the reasons and problems preventing achievement of good operational and business results
  • Apply the system principles to both strategic and day-to-day operations management decisions
  • Explain the system principles which will allow significant improvement
Course Content
  • The business context of operations
  • Aligning operations with the chosen target market segments (The strategic imperative)
  • Problems preventing serving market segments well and the direction of the solution (System thinking)
  • Application of system thinking to day-to-day management of operations to promote and protect flow
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should have a three-year qualification and/or work experience
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This course is designed to add value to practitioners and managers who are responsible for operations and business results. This course addresses operations management from a holistic and system thinking perspective thereby making the course attractive to participants from diverse backgrounds and industries. More specifically, the following participants can benefit from this course:
Aspiring managers with an interest in managing operations and the business well
Mid- to senior level managers specifically responsible for the operation function
Professionals who need to understand the system dynamic characteristics of operations and its impact on business results
CEO’s and MD’s requiring a better understanding of operations and how it contributes to business success
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