Performance Improvement Coaching for Managers
Brief Description
This programme focuses on enabling Managers to fulfil their primary role as Leaders
From experience in developing leaders in various industries, it is evident that managerial leaders don’t lack the willingness to develop their people, they lack the ability. Coaching and mentorship is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a requirement for managerial leaders.
Learning Outcomes
This course enables delegates to fulfil their role as leaders inmance  growing their areas of responsibility one person at a time and build a reputation as an expert with perceived value.
Course Content
Module 1 – Demystifying coaching
What is coaching and what it’s not.
Requirements for effective coaching
Importance for managerial leaders
Module 2 – Connecting with the brain as the Command Centre of Coaching
Fundamental Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles (linked to successful coaching.
Connecting with the command centre of the brain to create the need for development.
NLP techniques for coaching 
Module 3 – Understanding Adult Learning
Understanding how adults learn and what makes them learn.
Creating an environment conducive for learning.
Creating and maintaining psychologically safe environment for coaching.
Module 4 – Questions and facilitation as coaching tools
Facilitation skills for coaching.
Creating a high-engaging environment through questions.
Eight questions to use during coaching
Module 5 – Understanding competence.
Elements of competence
Determining critical competencies required to improve performance (functional analysis)
Module 6 – Practical high-performance coaching.
Planning and preparing for improving performance.
Intervention techniques
Coaching models
G.R.O.W Model
Coaching for Change Model (Harvard Business School)
ACHIEVE Coaching Model 
Module 7 – Communication in coaching
Active and empathetic listening
Providing feedback for impact
Working through differences
Overcoming resistance to change
Challenging conversations
Creating a safe space for open and honest debate and discussion
Practical Application
Delegates will be required to submit a coaching preparation and plan with outcomes and findings for two (2) candidates as post course evaluation.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least a have  grade 12, a tertiary qualification or relevant working experience
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General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
Any role within the organisation that supports perfomance improvement or anyone who has  a keen  interest
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Contact Sessions
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