Pipeline System Design
Brief Description
The short course in Pipeline System Design provides you with a sound theoretical background and practical skills in some of the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical design aspects related to the design of pipeline systems. With the latest updates on the practical aspects of pipeline design and operations, the course specifically focuses on issues of pipeline engineering, the optimisation process of pipeline systems, as well as the effect of energy escalation in pump systems. You will also be introduced to other related topics, including pipeline hydraulics, surge analysis, pipeline component design and installation, lifecycle costing, testing and operation of pipeline systems.The last day is scheduled to visit pipe- and valve manufacturers to obtain information on the latest products will be scheduled.
Learning Outcomes
Designing and optimising of a pipeline from start to end covering all the various design elements.
Course Content
The following will be covered during the course:
  • Planning and design aspects related to pipelines
  • Microbiology and pipelines
  • Determining the energy losses
  • Basic principles of pump selection- Selection of pipe material
  • Basic pipeline design
  • Utilising EPANET
  • Valve selection, positioning and working (Isolating, Non-return, Control and Air valves)
  • Valve chamber design
  • Planning and design aspects of pipe systems
  • Introduction to optimization techniques and their application
  • Economic analysis (LCCA) of pipeline systems
  • Water supply and planning under uncertain economic conditions
  • Thrust block and supplementary design (CWCD)
  • Hydraulic modelling and pro-active pipeline management
  • Condition assessment of pipelines
  • Conduit Hydropower (identification, site selection, evaluation and design)
  • Challenges of steel pipeline construction
  • Coatings and Liners for Steel Pipelines
  • Pipeline Design Manufacturing, Construction and Commissioning Challenges
  • Surge analysis and examples of alleviating devices
  • Lessons learned on large bulk water projects
  • Pipe installation
  • Contractors challenges
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a relevant post-matric qualification and/or prior work experience.

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
Planners, designers and managers of pipelines and water infrastructure, will benefit from the course.
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