Programme for the Commercial Property Practitioner
Brief Description
The Programme for the Commercial Property Practitioner  is South
Africa’s premier skills programme for practitioners and brokers involved
in office, retail and industrial leasing, selling, management and investment. It is presented by Enterprises University of Pretoria  in conjunction with SAPOA. Experienced academic staff as well as leading figures in the industry provide a strong functional base to the programme. More than a thousand delegates have registered for this very popular course since  its introduction in 1996.
As the premier programme for practitioners and brokers involved in office, retail and industrial leasing (including selling, management and investment), you have the opportunity to gain a strong functional base in commercial property management that includes an introduction to property development, building technology and services, building and design economics, financial mathematics, management accounting, principles of economics, town and regional planning, as well as property law, finance, management, taxation, marketing and valuation.
Evaluation is by means  of six assignments (to be submitted on a monthly  basis from March), and a four hour written examination in November. Limited arrangements may be made for participants to write exams in the main centers in the country. In order to gain admission to the examination, participants will have to have attained an average evaluation mark of at least 40% in the assignment.

To qualify  for the certificate of successful completion for the Commercial Property Practitioner (to be issued by the University of Pretoria), a participant will have to obtain an aggregate pass mark of 50%.The examination will carry  a weight  of 60% of this mark and the assignment mark 40%.


Learning Outcomes
The objective of the course is: To provide the necessary skills and knowledge for the broker, property practitioner and property financiers to function effectively, efficiently and successfully in the commercial and industrial property sectors.

Participants in the CCPP will find their skills and knowledge sharpened
not only by the practical instruction and case studies, but also  by the interchange of ideas with the lecturers and their colleagues in the three day block session.
Course Content
The course comprises 26 subjects to be studied by correspondence between March
and November 2021. During  October 2021,participants will attend a three-day residential block session at a venue in Gauteng. During the three days, practical case studies and problems will be discussed by leading practitioners in the field. Time will also be allowed for discussion of any problems or contentious issues which participants may have encountered during their preparation
Evaluation is by means of six assignments and a four-hour written examination in November.
The course covers the following topics:
1. Introduction to property development
2. Building technology and services
3. Building and design economics
4. Financial mathematics
5. Management accounting
6. Principles of economics
7. Property law
8. Town planning
9. Property finance
10. Property management
11. Property tax
12. Property marketing
13. Negotiation
14. Property valuation
15. Investment analysis
Entry Requirements
Admission requirements are minimum  of matric, with mathematics at matric  level being desirable. Appropriate broker experience will be a recommendation for acceptance.
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Catalogue and Category:
Property, Retail and Facilities Management
Who Should attend:
The CCPP is open to all brokers  and property practitioners - whether independent or employed by institutions. 
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