Programme in Blasting Engineering
Programme in Blasting Engineering
16 Feb 2024
R 31330.00

Brief Description
The Programme in Blasting Engineering covers the basics of commercial explosives and the application of commercial explosives in surface and underground mining environments. During the programme, you will acquire the basic theory of blasting engineering and its application, while giving you the chance to interact with experts in the field. You will also expand your knowledge of topics such as the impact of fragmentation on the mining cycle, specialised blasting practices and environmentally-friendly blasting principles and practices. The programme is based on the undergraduate explosives engineering course that is presented in the University of Pretoria's BEng (Mining Engineering) degree programme.
Learning Outcomes
The detailed outcomes would be reached as presented in the industry syllabus, however on a broader base, the course will be aimed at developing the candidates abilities in the six cognitive levels; knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Thus, when being examined on the topics detailed in this syllabus, candidates would be able to demonstrate their capacity for:
  • Comprehending and understanding the general blasting engineering principles covered in this syllabus and applying these to solve real world blasting problems in the mining and civil environments
  • Applying fundamental scientific knowledge, comprehension and understanding to predict the behaviour of blasting in different types of risks in real world mining environments
  • Performing creative procedural design and synthesis of blast layouts and support systems to control and influence different blasting design processes
  • Understanding the greater picture in the total blasting process and the overall evaluation thereof
  • Communicating, explaining and discussing the reasoning, methodology, results and ramifications of all the above aspects in a professional manner at all levels.
Course Content
  • Geology and Rock Drilling
  • Introduction to Commercial Explosives
  • Underground Explosives Application
  • Surface Mining Explosives Application
  • Fragmentation
  • Environmental Blasting
  • Blast Performance Assessment
  • Explosives Legislation and 3-D VR Centre
  • Economics of Blasting/Certificate Ceremony
Entry Requirements
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are mining personnel involved in blasting activities, both in the underground and surface mining environments, as well as contractors performing blasting activities on mine sites and civil excavations, personnel from explosives companies, suppliers of explosives products, senior management and consultants to the mining industry.
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