Programme in Construction Adjudication
Brief Description
The Programme in Construction Adjudication provides you with a unique opportunity to examine the various initiatives being implemented in the promotion and application of construction adjudication. This has given rise to a greater need for construction and legal professionals to advise, assist and/or represent parties, and those who already practice or intend to practice as adjudicators to be trained further in the practice of construction adjudication. As it is progressively becoming more entrenched as a procedure for resolving construction disputes across the South African construction industry, this programme aims to assist you in implementing a relevant statutory framework for construction.This course is presented in cooperation with MDA Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the programme, you will be able to
•    demonstrate a working knowledge of South African construction law and the legal system (non-lawyers) OR demonstrate a working knowledge of construction practice and technology (lawyers)
•    understand the nature, extent and application of South African construction law in the formulation of construction claims
•    understand the prosecution and defence process of construction claims
•    apply and use the four CIDB-endorsed standard form construction contracts
•    execute methods for avoiding or resolving construction disputes (including construction adjudication, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation)
•    examine and compare the current statutory framework for construction adjudication applied in various countries
•    analyse the nature, extent and application of contractual adjudication as implemented throughout the South African construction industry
•    understand the interrelationship of various forms of construction contracts
•    examine the various initiatives and steps being implemented to promote the application of construction adjudication
•    put a statutory framework for construction adjudication in place
•    consider the procedural and drafting issues that arise through construction adjudications, and
•    demonstrate know-how of the necessary techniques and requirements for producing an enforceable award.

Course Content
•    Introduction to South African law and legal theory (for non-lawyers) OR Construction practice and technology (for lawyers)
•    South African and international construction law: principles and application (including an in-depth study of the four CIDB endorsed standard form construction contracts)
•    Construction claims and disputes
•    Dispute resolution and adjudication procedure and practice

You will be required to bring the following documents for participation in the course:
•NEC4: Engineering and construction contract
•General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works, 2015 (3rd Edition)
•FIDIC Red Book – Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer (Second Edition 2017)
•JBCC Principal Building Agreement Edition 6.2-May 2018 and JBCC Minor Works Edition 5.2 2018

Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a relevant bachelors degree and/or relevant work experience. Proof of qualifications and experience should accompany your application.
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Built Environment and Construction
Who Should attend:
This programme is ideal for you if you are a construction or legal professional who has experience in the construction industry, and you currently advise, assist or represent parties in construction adjudications or disputes. You will also benefit from this programme if you intend to become, or are already, a practising adjudicator, or if you have a particular interest in construction law, claims and contracts.
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