Programme in Environmental Management (Blended)
Brief Description
The Programme in Environmental Management is an 12-week mixed-mode (i.e. Internet supported as well as face-to-face) designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of environmental management with a focus on sustainable socioeconomic development through the environmentally sustainable design of new economic and social projects, as well as the enforcement of the provisions of the National Environmental Management Act of 1998.
The programme also delves into Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for proposed development and the design of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to minimise environmental impact. You will acquire a well-rounded understanding of the wide range of pertinent environmental issues relevant to your companys development projects that are subject to existing environmental legislation.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the programme:
  • you will be able to assess the adequacy and quality of all documents culminating in review of an EIA report
  • take account of public comment and take advantage of public EIA reviews
  • manage the process culminating in an EIA that is sufficient for a final decision to be made
  • assess the activities of your company within the context of existing environmental legislation
  • perform an internal audit of the processes of your company with respect to legal compliance and manage liabilities with respect to environmental legislation
  • advise industry management about implementation of the ISO14000 international standard
  • Interact with authorities during and after environmental inspections.
Course Content
The course covers the following:
Module 1
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Administration Introduction to sustainable development
  • The roles of the Constitution and of NEMA
  • Unravelling the EIA regulations Administrative requirements for EIA submission
  • Screening Scoping and plan-of-study for EIA
  • Identification and analysis of environmental impact
  • Considering alternatives Impact mitigation
  • Public participation Specialist studies and handling of specialists
  • Drafting an environmental management programmes
  • Environmental impact reporting
  • The appeals process and judicial review
Module 2
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Internal and external audit: the ISO 14001 process
  • Overview of several acts (including waste, biodiversity, water, mining and coastal management) with a focus on environmental liabilities
  • Environmental inspection and compliance enforcement, Administrative mechanisms of enforcement: directives and compliance notices Relevant provisions of PAIA and PAJA
  • Criminal law: law of evidence and criminal enforcement action Integrated environmental management plans: the use of ISO14001Evaluation and assessment
  • Continuous evaluation of training is performed by individual and group assignments during the programme/courses.
  • These assignments will entail interaction with the course presenters and post evaluation feedback.
Evaluation at the end of the programme is performed through a written examination. Delegates need to bring their own laptops to the contact sessions.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) and/or relevant work experience in the field of environmental management.
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Environmental Management and Geophysics
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a member of a regulated community (industry/developers, etc.) or government official. Individuals involved in internal legal compliance audits following the ISO 14000 family of standards will also benefit greatly, as well as those involved in the design or implementation of the environmental policies, environmental managers who have duties/ activities with respect to environmental inspection by authorities.
The programme is also applicable to individuals and students who are involved in environmental legal compliance in industry, local government, provincial or central government.
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
Contact Days: