Programme in Innovative Facilitation of Learning
Programme in Innovative Facilitation of Learning
04 Apr 2022
R 10.00

Brief Description
The Programme in the Innovative Facilitation of Learning is specifically designed to help you approach teaching and learning more holistically by mastering outcomes and competencies in your relevant focus areas as an innovative facilitator of learning.
During this programme, you will gain requisite skills for developing the full potential of your students, becoming actively involved in the learning process and maintaining a positive attitude in your teaching practice. It therefore also helps you to realise your full potential as a teaching practitioner and lifelong learner yourself. This course is a prerequisite for the full PGCHE programme at the University of Pretoria.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
  • approach your practice/studies holistically in order to construct meaning
  • mastering the applicable learning outcomes and competencies in monitoring your own professional development as a facilitator of learning as applicable to your specific higher education/training context master competencies necessary for developing the full potential of students in their field of specialisation
  • be actively involved in your professional learning process
  • maintain a positive attitude to your professional learning and practice
  • live your educational values, and develop your full potential as a higher education/training practitioner and independent, life-long learner.
Course Content
  • The compilation of the programme is based on collapsing selected modules from the PGCHE into one.
  • Facilitating/Mediating Learning Theories of adult learning - application of principles in practice
  • Learning style flexibility Co-operative learning Self-regulated learning Constructivist learning
  • Curriculum development Curriculum development models
  • Structuring of a programme/module
  • Formulating of outcomes
  • Designing a study manual
  • Assessment Practice Accountable assessment Learning style flexible assessment
  • Assessment of written work
  • Assessment of practicals
  • Assessment of oral presentation
  • Education Technology
  • Introduction to educational media Types : Instructional text, graphics, audio, video, hypermedia, multimedia Sources: Online, own created/adapted 3D models, presentation software, Web Pages, LMS, CD/DVD Gamification
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a Bachelors Degree from a recognised university or a National Diploma and appropriate prior learning deemed adequate by the Dean for admission to the programme. You must be able to demonstrate sufficient computer literacy that will be assessed, or must have a recognised Information Technology qualification that meets this need. You must also have access to internet communication infrastructure.
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Education and Teacher Development
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a lecturer or learning facilitator.
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Contact Sessions
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