Programme in Pastoral Care and Counselling
Brief Description
The Programme in Pastoral Care and Counselling provides you with the requisite theory and practice in narrative pastoral care and counselling to enable you as counsellor or therapist to bring hope and healing in a wide variety of circumstances and/or contexts. During the programme, you will be equipped with the skills to meet the growing need for emotional, relational and spiritual healing and restoration in our communities. You will also be able to develop the necessary understanding of pastoral care in order to offer responsible counselling services to members of your congregation or those in need within your wider community.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, pastors and other pastoral caregivers in communities should be able to offer pastoral care and counselling in a responsible way to members of churches and hurting people in the community.
Course Content
Module 1: Narrative practices in pastoral care and counselling
Module 2: Narrative pastoral practice in relationship counselling
Module 3: Trauma and narrative pastoral counselling
Module 4: Focused pastoral counselling
Module 5: Congregational pastoral care and counselling
Entry Requirements
National Senior Certificate (Grade 12/Matric), plus a two or three year diploma or a B degree.
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Social and Religious Studies
Who Should attend:
Leaders who are involved in ministry in local congregations and communities
Delivery Mode:
Contact Sessions
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