Programme in Technical & Operational Surface Mining Excellence
Programme in Technical & Operational Surface Mining Excellence
09 Feb 2024
R 34959.00

Brief Description
This short course has been developed to provide the technical knowledge that will enable the delegate to become an effective value driven manager at a surface mine. Being a short course, the delegates will be exposed to a wide variety of technical and operational aspects of a surface mining, rather than being trained in the details of operating a mine.
The course content covers the typical value chain for a surface mine, commencing with exploration and mineral resource estimation, followed by strategic and long-term planning aspect of a surface mine. The delegate will be exposed to mine layouts, shell optimization, pit design, value adding production scheduling, cost estimation and budgeting. All the aspects of mineral resource management are covered, as well as the selection, productive performance, and maintenance of heavy mining equipment. Performance management, operational control and efficiency improvements of the production processes (drill, blast, strip, load & haul) forms an integral part of the course, with reference to support services, mine rehab and closure as well as statutory requirements.
Delegates will be made aware of new technologies and leading software packages to assist the manager of a 2030 mine. The importance of seeking value add opportunities through the interdependencies in the value chain of a mining operation from resource definition to marketing of the metal or coal is conveyed to the delegate.
Learning Outcomes
Through understanding the value creation opportunities within a surface mining operation, the delegate will have been empowered to make effective decisions about the operational management, efficiency and improvement initiatives and the technical aspects of the mining operation as well as the rest of the value chain.
Course Content
The course focuses on both technical and operational aspects of surface mining, also incorporating safety, health, environmental and social considerations:
1. General Concepts & Background
2. Exploration, Sampling & Resource Estimation
3. Strategic Mine Planning
4. Mineral Resource Management
5. Mine Layout, LOM Planning & Pit Design
6. Mining Equipment
7. Production Scheduling
8. Mining Production Operations
9. Costing, Budgeting and Financial Parameters
10. Processing
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should ideally have technical and operational knowledge of surface mining. Prospective delegates without surface mining will however also be considered.
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
Any person who needs to develop his/her technical and operational knowledge of surface mining. This can include, mining engineering graduates, persons in a management position on a mine, mine planning engineers, personnel who wants to make a change to technical or operational career paths on a surface mine, and analysts in stock exchange, banks or auditing companies who want to learn about surface mining.
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