Project Management
Online Project Management
16 Aug 2023
R 8685.00

Brief Description
Project Management as a management technique is very suitable for managing change.  Project management however requires certain planning knowledge and skills as well as tools and techniques to identify and engage with stakeholders, initiate projects, to identify the work, to allocate responsibilities and roles, to schedule activities, to budget and to control the projects progress. 
The course will therefore equip the technical manager with knowledge and insight into the principles (theory, concepts, processes) and practices (tools, techniques) of Project Management. At the end of the course, the delegate should understand projects and project management and be able to plan and manage a project.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the course, you will be able to initiate a project, identify and manage stakeholders, develop the project scope document and identify the project deliverables for a project in your own organisation, identify work packages, allocate resources and scheduling the work, do estimations including contingencies and develop a project plan for execution.
Course Content
Introduction to projects and project management
The project lifecycle and stakeholders
Initiate and define a project
Scope, work and responsibilities
Cost and time estimation
Scheduling the project
Quality in projects
Risk in projects
Managing stakeholders
Entry Requirements
The Prospective delegates should at least have a three-year qualification and/or work experience

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This course is applicable for any technical manager, technical supervisor, project manager, or engineer that has to plan and execute projects as part of their normal, technical, operational or maintenance responsibilities.
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