Project Management Principles and Practices
Brief Description
The Principles and Practices of Project Management short course provides you with the practical know-how to schedule and authorise projects, allocating resources and setting up cost and time estimations. During the course, you will gain insights to develop a business case for a project, initiate the project, plan its lifecycle phase, manage scope changes and deliver a scope statement, identify work packages and identify stakeholders (including their roles and responsibilities) on a project in your organisation yielding the benefits of project support systems and specialised management planning techniques. This course earns you credit towards the Programme in Project Management (PPM)
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to
  • initiate projects,
  • identify stakeholders and develop scope statements for projects in their work environment
  • manage scope changes
  • plan the life cycles of projects in their work environment
  • identify work packages, and the responsibilities and roles of stakeholders schedule projects,
  • allocate resources,
  • estimate costs and control progress of delivery
  • explain the benefits and limitations of systems such as MS Project and others, and
  • explain the basics of critical chain project management and of systems to authorise project work.
Course Content
  • Introduction to projects and project management
  • Product life cycles and phases
  • Initiating and defining the project
  • Identifying work, responsibilities and roles
  • Project time management
  • Critical chain project management
  • Project control
  • Work authorisation
  • Alternative computer systems available on the market (no hands-on computer training included in the three-day course)
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have National Senior Certificate (Grade 12).
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Project and Risk Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for persons involved in or associated with projects, whether as project managers, planners, project team members or senior managers. The course is suitable for all sectors of business and government.
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