Psychology of Meaningful Retirement
Psychology of Meaningful Retirement
04 Nov 2021
R 1550.00

Brief Description
The Psychology of Meaningful Retirement is a training programme that will enable the retiree to proactively plan for a meaningful retirement. Misperceptions and unrealistic ideas pertaining to the idea of retirement are addressed in this training session. The psychological principles and skills employed in this training session will not only enable you to mitigate the transition process from work to retirement, but will empower you to enjoy a well-balanced quality life after retirement. Your psychological well-being is crucial and is dependent on the maintenance of your spiritual-, mental-, emotional- and physical capacities.
Learning Outcomes
  • Deeper understanding of the importance of maintenance of well-being for retirement
  • Maintenance of balance between productive creativity and a quality life engagement
  • Practical principles, guidelines and skills to improve quality of life
Course Content
  • Misperceptions and realities of retirement
  • The green- and the gold zone
  • The flow phenomenon
  • The difference between joy and pleasure
  • Mindfulness
  • Psycho-social fitness and well-being
  • Capacity building (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
  • The givens of life and coping with temporality
Entry Requirements
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Human Capital Management
Who Should attend:
People that are in the process of planning for their retirement and this training programme can also assist employees in their early fifties, as well as younger employees that want to create more balance in their life
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