Public Policy, Problem Solving and Analysis for Public Sector Managers
Brief Description
The course aims to enhance the policy management capabilities of senior public servants by means of an approach that is both academic and practical.
A series of teaching methodologies will be followed. There will be electronic learning, face to face sessions, online support, and the use of case studies, practical work, group assignments and presentations during contact sessions.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of the course, delegates will be able to: identify, structure, and assess and prioritise sectoral specific policy issues and problems and mobilising resources for programme setting-analyse possible problems or constraints that might occur when preparing for policy formulation and implementation-design/formulate sectoral specific policies and programmes to achieve policy objectives-direct and control the implementation of sectoral specific policy programmes-monitor, evaluate and review the outputs and outcomes of sectoral specific public policy programmes-facilitate the solving of problems or challenges after implementation of policies-determine whether policies have achieved their outputs and service delivery goals.
Course Content
Study Units:
  • Unit 1: Governance and policy formulation: Implications for public service reform
  • Unit 2: Problems or challenges that might occur when formulating and implementing policies
  • Unit 3: Designing sectoral specific policies and programmes to achieve policy objectives
  • Unit 4: The policy implementation process
  • Unit 5: Policy monitoring and achievement of policy deliverables
  • Unit 6: Facilitating the achievement of service delivery objectives
Transversal Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to in the course of working through the six study units officials will also develop knowledge and skills in the following cross-cutting areas of process competencies:
  • knowledge management.-service delivery innovation.-problem solving and analysis.
  • client orientation and customer focus (Batho Pele)-communication.
Entry Requirements
Applicants must:
  • be a manager in the South African public sector with a minimum of three years managerial experience-aspiring towards a managerial position-be in possession of at least a three year qualification; and
  • be in possession of a B-degree in order to pursue admission into the Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) See articulation Articulation
Credit earned from successful completion of this course is recognised to afford delegates benefits of portability, mobility and progression. On successful completion of this course, the participant will receive credits required for the subject Public Administration as part of an undergraduate programme, provided the participant meets the admission requirements of the University of Pretoria. The SPMA Postgraduate Committee will consider exemption (credits) on some of the modules, towards the course work MPA programme offered at the SPMA on condition that the candidate meet with the minimum requirements as stated above.

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Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Public Administration and Management
Who Should attend:
Managers in the South African Public Sector
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
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