Pump Station Design
Brief Description
The short course in Pump Station Design provides you with a complete overview of the theory, analysis of and practical issues related to the design of a clear-water pump station. The basic theory of pump selection, energy efficiency, operational control, valve selection, lifecycle cost assessment, case studies and dynamic hydraulics are reviewed in finer detail during the course. You will also receive the opportunity to practically solve a number of issues related to pump station design through hands-on exercises in order to develop your skills and familiarise yourself with the relevant techniques when undertaking pump station design and implementation.
Learning Outcomes
Course attendees will:- Gain access to sufficient supporting material to enhance your capacity to undertake a pump station design;- Will be introduced to the standards related to functional layout of pump station components;- Obtain insight in the use of variable speed drives (VSDs);- Be introduced to the selection and placing of valves;- Be sensitized to the lifecycle costs of pump systems;- Obtain a feel for the dynamic pressures resulting from pump operation;- Be guided in the need for verification testing;- Be introduced to the potential impact of sub-surface vortices on the pump operation;- Learn from real world projects and applications.
Course Content
The objectives of the course are to provide a theoretical sound background of some of the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical design aspects related to the design of a pump station.Through the practical exercises the participants will get acquainted with the procedural analyses steps in the design of pump stations. The review of model study results will provide insight in complex 3D flow conditions and the visit to a pump manufacturer will provide confirmation of the need for conformance tests.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have experience in the in the planning, design and management of water and wastewater infrastructure.

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Engineering and Technology Management
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Persons in the planning, design and management of water supply infrastructure.
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Contact Sessions
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