Ready for Work Online Programme
Ready for Work Online Programme
31 Jan 2023
R 1725.00

Brief Description

A degree is no longer enough to guarantee employment or a satisfying career. In addition to academic qualifications, more and more companies are looking for work-ready graduates with job-specific skills. In order to have a competitive advantage in the job market, students and graduates need to develop better employability or work-readiness skills.

Against this background, Career Services at the University of Pretoria and Enterprises UP launched a ready-for-work initiative. The Ready for Work Programme addresses skills knowledge that will not only enhance your professional and personal profile, but also assist you in making a meaningful contribution to the workforce, your community, and the economy, while becoming successful in your chosen career.

Learning Outcomes

This uniquely packaged offering helps you move from the world of education to the world of work with essential workplace and other soft skills that will not only improve your career goals, but also open doors to prospective employment.

Course Content

The programme has four online packages: Career Planning, Power Skills, Job Preparation, and Your Career. All modules in the packages are self-paced and presented fully online.



The Career Planning package will help you to create a career plan, set up your CV, realise the importance of your digital profile, and enhance your presentation and communication skills.


Package 1 Modules:

  • Introduction to career planning
  • Your first CV
  • Researching careers
  • Your digital profile
  • Computational thinking
  • Oral communication: Presentation skills
  • Oral communication: Conversational intelligence
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Impromptu public speaking



The Power Skills package will help you to improve the personal qualities that are the most useful in the workplace, thereby offering the best version of yourself to your employer. These power skills apply to anyone in the job environment.


Package 2 Modules:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Assertiveness
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Ethical reasoning skills
  • Time management: Time logs
  • Time management: Goals
  • Diversity and discrimination in the workplace
  • Artificial intelligence



The Job Preparation package will help you to look for job opportunities, apply with a winning CV and cover letter, ace your job interview, and emphasise other skills you need when seeking job prospects.


Package 3 Modules:

  • Researching potential employers
  • Job searches
  • Job applications
  • Writing a CV and cover letter
  • Job interview skills
  • The gig economy
  • Basic financial literacy
  • Religious and cultural literacy



The Your Career package introduces you to a set of durable dispositions that are essential in a time of relentless technological change. You will be introduced to a set of soft skills that should put you in good stead for the course of your working life.


Package 4 Modules:

  • Learn Unlearn Relearn for 4IR
  • Workplace ethics
  • Organisational structures
  • Report writing
  • Email etiquette
  • O­ffice protocol
  • Basic conditions of employment
  • Global citizenship

Entry Requirements
Grade 12 or Equivalent
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Education and Teacher Development
Who Should attend:
The programme was designed specifically for students, graduates, interns, and other employees. It is applicable to students regardless of their year of study.
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