Report Writing
Brief Description
The short course in Report Writing provides you with indispensable knowledge and skills to be able to write professional and scientific reports that conform to conventional formats and communicate their message as effectively and efficiently as possible to all stakeholders and/or decision makers. Good report-writing skills have become essential for managers and employees, and this course specifically looks into various report types that require certain research and interpretation methods. You will also become familiar with the different phases in the report-writing process, the main elements that are usually included in reports and the application of in-house styles for report writing.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to
  • demonstrate an understanding of different report types, and in particular analytical reports that require research
  • know how to interpret and respond to briefs/terms of reference
  • be aware of the different phases in the report-writing process, and be able to apply them recursively
  • know which main elements are regularly included in reports, and how they are typically ordered
  • know which style, tense and level of formality to use, and how these are influenced by the (various) audience(s) that might read the report, and
  • write a full-length analytical (scientific or professional) report in response to an authentic brief from the participants line-manager or supervisor (which should be provided to the course presenter at least three days before the start of the course).
Course Content
Unit 1 - Report types
  • An overview of report types and their purposes
  • Using a functional approach to report writing.
Unit 2 - Planning your report
  • Studying the terms of reference
  • Determining audience and purpose Gathering information
  • Organising the facts
  • Analysing and interpreting data
  • Writing the report
  • Formatting the report and inserting visuals
  • Editing and revising the report.
Unit 3 - Writing an effective report
  • Content
  • Main sections and subsections
  • Language and style (paragraphs, linking phrases, tense).
Unit 4 - Formatting and inserting visuals
  • Using space efficiently
  • Using visually pleasing and readable typography
  • Formatting tables and captions
  • Choosing appropriate pictures, graphs and charts
Unit 5 - Editing and revising your report
  • Checklists and rubrics for revision.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a business writing certificate or National Senior Certificate.
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Marketing, Communication and Languages
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are an individual who requires the skill of report writing in order to add value to their contributions in the workplace.
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