Through our business units we ensure that the latest research in niche functional domains are packaged as real-life business solutions and are delivered to the market by specialist expertise.

Business Units

C-AIM Consult

Asset Integrity Management (C-AIM Consult)

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Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

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Forensic Drug Testing (FDT)

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Lubrication, Friction and Wear Management (Tribology) Research and Advisory Services

Lubrication, Friction and Wear Management (Tribology)

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Microwave Antennas and Radiation Tesing Research and Advisory

Microwave Antennas and Radiation Testing

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PhotoVolumetriX (PVX)

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Sensory Identity

Sensory Evaluation and Analysis (Sensory Identity)

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VDG Solutions

Vehicle Dynamics and Mobility (VDG Solutions)

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*Business Units of Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd